Fine Dining

Trifecta - A perfect combination of three winning cuisines.

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Fine Dining

Inspired by the racing bet wherein you choose the first, second and the third winner in a horse race, Trifecta is a restaurant that offers you a choice of three winning cuisines - Pan Asian, Modern European and Indian. You can place your bet on which will be your choice of winning cuisines!

Trifecta is a completely revamped restaurant that offers you a comprehensive sensory experience. There is pleasing decor to soothe the eye, Music that will regale your hearing, Food that will entice your palate, textures that will delight your feeling, and aromas that will make your every meal a feast.

Our well stocked bar serves up a collection of exotic cocktails and mocktails that will whet your appetite and elevate your culinary experience. The service is impeccable and our staff is always at hand to cater to your smallest desire. Our chefs are known to go the extra mile to ensure that the dishes you order are to your satisfaction.

Trifecta - Whatever your choice of cuisine, you will emerge the winner!